Typo – [Kuru]

Artists consistently flaunting their dynamic creative makeups is nothing new for those who find themselves within the next wave of pop music moving forward; it is practically one of their most defining features alone. The art of never staying the same in this manner is exactly how it sounds — a pure art form in itself, and one that this group of talents has come to master at this point.

One of the scene’s most defining and prolific figures in Kuru has made a career out of applying his sincere, resounding, and blissful lead vocals over a wide variety of beats, styles, and approaches alike. His pure artistic fortitude is one that extends to any modern reach he would like, and that notion alone proves how unmistakably rare such an all-encompassing act like him is in this modern landscape, even despite how many of his contemporaries attempt to accomplish the same thing.

But for a perfect example as to why he does this better than practically anyone else, look no further than his recent take on drill-infused stylistics via his new single “Typo.” Nothing short of an expertly-crafted track from all given angles in its own right, the song stands alone in that manner while also serving to solidify Kuru’s untapped sense of creativity and talent alike.

He himself joins both Tgwog and Litothedon on production to create a trio of influence that together come through with one of the most soaring and spotless beats of the entire year — seeing its atmospheric high-end synths matched in perfect contrast with the rapid percussion throughout, as well as the stern low-end bass that all-but-completes the entire rhythm.

Kuru’s performance is unsurprisingly gripping at such an extraordinarily high level; his typically animated, dense, and seamless vocal delivery is on full display throughout every single moment it can be here. Coming through with what will end up being considered one of the best hooks of the year, his tight and controlled approach that encapsulates his rapid and high-pitched voice makes for such a memorable listen during this particular passage, and the verses he brings do an adequate job at completing this structure in both their tone and delivery alike.

Kuru has proven to go above and beyond in his continual trials to explore more and more of his artistic range with each successive release — a range that is shaping up to be nearly limitless given such outstanding singles like this track has proven to be.