Tyesha – [Littlejohn4K]

North Carolina emcee Littlejohn4K makes her Lyrical Lemonade debut as she releases her 2021 debut album, ‘Tyesha’. The self-titled effort serves as a formal introduction to the artist behind the music. With a narrative-driven approach to offer insight into a life that’s imbued with passion and problems, Littlejohn’s vulnerability in the song is therapeutic. Tyesha is expository prose over nine layered tracks and three pre-recorded voicemail messages. On wax, records like ‘Different’ transcend sound as a byproduct of ingenious production, courtesy of Rico Love, while Littlejohn oscillates between melodies and polished rhymes. This is a personal effort, something reflective of Littlejohn’s story. By today’s standards, Littljohn4K makes relatable music, she doesn’t create for the sake of emotive appeal, that’s merely a byproduct of her storytelling dynamic as an artist. She creates without borders or restrictions, finding refuge in offloading transparent mentions. This year, Littlejohn4K’s truth is bound to comfort and inspire many. Her music invites listeners down a path of self-discovery with ‘Tyesha’, or as Littlejohn4K states via email, “I come from what I come from and I am who I am, but that doesn’t affect who I’m supposed to be.”

Stream and listen to Littlejohn4K’s vulnerability on her new project ‘Tyesha’ after the break.