Two Three – [SoloSam]

Chicago rapper SoloSam released his ‘Plated’ EP a few months ago, and now he’s given one of the project’s standout tracks a worthy visual to accompany it. “Two Three” pays tribute to Chicago legend Michael Jordan, idolizing him for his hustle and iconic status, and the music video follows the same pattern by recreating some of the most memorable pop culture moments of Jordan’s career.

SoloSam has built a reputation for conceptual videos that pair well with the themes in his songs, and he’s found success working with Chicago-based directors Stripmall Productions in the past. Sam and Stripmall continue to strengthen their collaborative relationship on “Two Three”, really playing into Jordan’s larger-than-life influence and integrating it into the video through Stripmall’s signature visual effects. “Two Three” adds a fun visual accompaniment to an already energetic track, making it all the more enjoyable to listen to and watch.