To be honest, I’m not entirely sure how this new Tuxedo album ended up downloaded in my Apple Music library, but I’m quite happy it did.

Upon pressing play on Tuxedo III, I was given the sudden urge to dance around my house for thirty-four minutes straight as this project played through. I was able to contain myself and take a seat for the remainder of my listening experience, but that doesn’t mean the consistency of the music showed mercy, and my steady head-bobbing that followed the album blasting out of my speaker is proof of this.

Across eleven tracks, the group is able to deliver high-energy, funky love songs that are crisply produced and act as a breath of fresh air in today’s musical landscape. I wouldn’t say any of this is anything that hasn’t done before, but it’s nice to hear some synth-funk with great vocals and addicting refrains done well in 2019.

I soon realized that Benny Sings was featured on this project, and how Tuxedo III ended up in my library started to become clearer, as Benny Sings is an artist I’m a huge fan of. Specifically, his project Art has stayed in my rotation to this day. His buttery vocals grace Tuxedo’s soundscape well, and the vocal chemistry between him and the others members is top-notch. 

MF DOOM is also featured on this album. That’s the sentence. It came out of absolutely nowhere for me, especially based on the music I had heard up until this point, but I was pretty excited to hear him drop a verse towards the back end of “Dreaming in the Daytime”. It’s a pretty solid verse, and was quite the pleasant surprise to hear one of my all-time favorite’s so unexpectedly. This collaboration started to make more sense as I learned that Tuxedo’s first couple albums were released via Stones Throw, and this isn’t a surprise based on the quality of the music.

The worlds of electronic music and funk collide for the sharply produced Tuxedo III, and I’d recommend checking out a track like “On a Good One” or “OMW”, and listening further if you find yourself enjoying it. Along with this, if you’re currently in love, this album will hit hard, but if you’re not, I can pretty much guarantee that this project will have you looking forward to that feeling, as it really does have that effect. Anyway, bless your summer rotation by showing some love to Tuxedo and checking out their third album down below!