Trying – [Midwxst]

As pop’s new generation is beginning to see its landscape become more and more fleshed out and defined by the second, acts within this particular scene have a definite reason to come into their own element stylistically and sonically alike. Carving a certain niche for oneself is not only a necessity, but practically a given at this point within the most astute and promising artists who make up that aforementioned landscape in itself.

Among the best examples of this notion in full effect is the ever-progressing Midwxst, who has already proven himself as a purveyor of the scene time and time again, and seemingly achieved the art of “coming into his own” with his latest album Secrets. Though that project will end up being considered one of this year’s absolute best from this burgeoning crop of talents, it certainly is not the be-all-end-all for the artistic impact that the 17-year-old Indiana prodigy is looking to make moving into the future.

The next logical step for him is to progress onwards into new avenues as he has consistently done throughout his entire career up to this point; as quickly as can be, that step has already been taken with his newest single “Trying.”

In every sense of the term, this track is definitively groundbreaking for both Midwxst’s career in its own right, along with the scene that will undoubtedly take influence from it. These claims are substantiated by how this single takes the conventions already set by that very scene, and takes them to some of the most unfounded and pitch-perfect levels that could have ever been imagined.

Elxnce and Thislandis team up on production and bring together one of the most forward-thinking and telling instrumentals of the year, taking what begins as an atypical modern pop guitar riff and transforming it into a raucous, sporadic, yet ideally appealing beats of the entire year to this point.

Midwxst himself matches that appeal with all the grace in the world, bringing together sentimental lyrical tones with an expert sense of flow to create some of the most infectious verses in his catalog yet, all surrounding a hook that could match any of the year’s best within this given scene and beyond.

What this single represents beyond any of its baseline components is this overarching theme that goes as such: not a single soul is ready for pop superstardom as much as Midwxst is at this moment. To bring together such a mature, relevant, and bursting with quality experience as he did with “Trying” is simply unprecedented at his particular level. In due time, that level will be superseded once he reaches that inevitable influential status faster than others could ever believe.