Trying – [Chach]

When so much music is being released in a particular scene, and at such an incredibly high level of quality across the board at that, it can be extremely easy as a singular artist to feel as though lacking behind as far as quantity is concerned will also lower the quality of your songs as well. This is certainly an issue that numerous artists are being forced to face in regards to the rising next era of hip-hop and pop music, but no one has seen both sides of the fray more so that Chach has over the past year or so.


Chach has gone from releasing track after track on his own and/or with any number of his close contemporaries to slowing down his release schedule in recent times, but in considering the aforementioned notion that this in any way would sacrifice the sheer quality of his output as it stands now, the opposite has actually revealed itself as being the case — as his new single “Trying” is genuinely among the absolute best songs he has ever released or even been a part of whatsoever. 


It seems as though Chach has pulled out all the stops on this one singular track in making his grand return — a return that sees him straying away from most, if not all preconceived conceptions based on the pop landscape he has helped to mold and still finds himself within to this very day. It was a daring move, but one that has ever-so-elegantly worked in his favor based on this track alone. 


Chach puts in a resounding performance on the mic throughout the entirety of this track; through each bar that he lays down, it is so vividly obvious that he is pouring his absolute heart out within every single lyric given here and the inflections that translate them in the process. It is truly an emphatic job well done, and even that description alone is selling it short. 


His verses are placed over a beat by the prolific 4am — who has never fallen short when it comes to production, not even in the slightest, but the tone that this instrumental itself carries with it makes for without question a standout offering amongst his seemingly endless catalog. Something about this instrumental just screams the word “everlasting” — a true timeless beat that benefits the heart-stopping performance by Chach himself all the same.


In a scene as wide-ranging and free-forming as this, there should be no set manner as to how one goes about releasing their music and if that approach should even come close to dictating its quality as well, and with Chach’s “Trying,” that fact has been made clear on its most apparent level yet.