Trophy Boyz – [Xavier Wulf]

After getting off to a hot start at the beginning of the year, Xavier Wulf has somewhat calmed down and let the dust settle a bit. There’s nothing wrong with that in the slightest, though, because ever since he started blazing a trail that countless other artists have followed within the underground so many years ago, he has been one of the most consistent rappers producing some of the highest output in the entire industry. His consistency was always noticeable of course, but what was even more perceptible was the fact that throughout all of his releases, he consistently gave us some of the most masterful, inventive, and impressive songs to ever come out of the underground.

His brief hiatus has luckily come to an end with the release of his song “Trophy Boyz”, and it’s yet again another banger that is sure to turn any function up to the max. Quintin Lamb produced this hit, and he starts it out with some resounding synths paired with crisp, intense hats and claps alongside some piercing 808s that couple seamlessly with Xavier’s unapologetically sinister flow. A sound bite from Seth MacFarlane plays from one of his shows and although I’m pretty sure it’s Family Guy, I’m not too familiar with his plethora of characters so I’m not entirely positive.

As Xavier comes in for his first verse, there is almost no enthusiasm behind his voice as he just blatantly speaks his bars in the most menacing, violent way possible without really giving any energy to his delivery. Those people who might not be familiar with his previous work might find this description making his part out to be boring, but it’s anything but. His words pierce through your soul as he casually makes threatening statements that are sure to make his opposition shake in their boots. For the hook, there is this effect on his voice that almost makes it sound like there is another layer of vocals that raises the pitch of his voice slightly, but his attack is still at an all-time high as he repeats the few lines twice prior to going into another verse.

His cadence never falters or switches up throughout the verses or hooks, but it’s this consistency that truly reminisces in your mind long after the song comes to an end. The emphasis, over annunciation, and embellishment of words really helps his message come through clear and uncontaminated, leaving no room for vagueness or uncertainty. As he progresses on throughout the song, his lyrics get even more hostile and violent as he shamelessly fires off threats that would be unnerving for anyone not on his side. All I’m saying is, you better hope he’s not directing these menacing thoughts at you, because you might find yourself in trouble.

While this song only lasts for a little over two minutes, his message rings through loud and clear, sticking with you long after the track wraps up. Although there might not be an abundance of vitality behind his delivery, if you know anything about Xavier’s concerts, you know that when he performs this live eventually, the entire venue just might burn to the ground due to how hard this hit would go live and in person. I’m hoping that this is the first of many singles that he plans on releasing moving forward this year now that he has broken his brief silence, and it’s the perfect track to build off of, giving him some incredible momentum for the near future. Whether you want to run through a wall, turn any function on its head, or just rage out, “Trophy Boyz” is undeniably the song for you, so stop whatever you’re doing, see for yourself, and enjoy.