Trip – [Yung Lean]

As I get further into the world of hyperpop, I realize more and more how artists seem to gain inspiration from Swedish trendsetters like Yung Lean, Bladee, and Drain Gang. While Lean is someone that has been a massive fan of for years, I feel like my admiration for his artistry has grown as I have gotten older, because I went from being a teenager who just liked how obscure his sound was to an adult who truly understood the artistic integrity and innovative styles he has nurtured into what they have become today.

While it’s crazy to think that he saw a surge in fandom because of a Gen Z platform like TikTok, I am never going to be mad that one of my favorite underground emcees is receiving more love, even if it is just for some trend that is here today and gone tomorrow. I have been patiently waiting for a follow-up to his 2020 hit album Starz, which is my personal favorite project from the Swedish icon, and when I saw that he finally broke his hiatus with the release of his song “Trip” as well as a Gus Reichwald-directed music video, I stopped in my tracks to listen.

Produced by Art Dealer, Woesum, and Fredrik Okazaki, our ears are filled with trap-inspired percussion, punchy drums, and an insanely addicting, optimistic, and almost childhood-inducing melody that I was instantly entrenched within. His flow is quick and easygoing, and there is this playfulness behind the way he expresses each line that comes across lightheartedly and relaxed, perfectly matching the ambiance of the production.

Even when there are gritty filters placed over his voice, there is this purity behind each word he half-sings, half-raps, and I seriously can’t get enough of this remarkable track. Supposedly this track serves as the first single off of the follow-up to his 2020 album, and while I sure hope this is true, I’m just beyond grateful to have some new Yung Lean in my life, and you should be too.