Trick – [BFB Da Packman]

One thing that I feel gets overlooked when it comes to examining the Michigan music scene is the diversity that comes from the Midwestern state. The biggest sound to come out of the northern hub is one popularized by rappers like Icewear Vezzo and Babyface Ray, but when you look at a list of other emcees from Detroit or Flint, you see that musicians like Sada Baby, whiterosemoxie, BONES, and many others sound nothing like this currently exploding style. I love that because it shows Michigan isn’t just going through a phase in time, and I believe the state is only going to continue proving that they’re here for a long time as well as a good time.

One of the most relatable yet intriguing individuals that calls Flint, Michigan home is BFB Da Packman, and even though he has lived in Houston for many years, he still manages to stick to his roots and show off his origins within his music. At first, I became a fan because his one-liners and wordplay were simply hilarious, but it didn’t take long for me to appreciate exactly how much thought and creativity went into his art.

Sure, sometimes he may rap jokes and detail sexual favors, but it’s the perfect marriage of hilarity, skill, and entertainment, so there is no way you can hate on BFB. One of the things I thought that he needed to further his career, though, was a bit of diversity. Nothing crazy, but just something that could mix things up and show that he had much more in the tank.

This is exactly what he did on his latest single “Trick” which was produced by DB! and Duce who pave the way for an absolute banger with one of the bounciest, undeniably addicting instrumentals I’ve heard in quite some time. Da Packman doesn’t hold back either, and actually unleashes some moments where he sings with just a touch of autotune to add a flair to the track as much as it diversifies his skill set. When I first heard these croons, I thought there might’ve been an uncredited feature just because I hadn’t expected it and it was much better than I honestly would’ve expected from the normally straightforward, say-it-how-it-is emcee.

When I realized that it was in fact him, it opened my mind to the fact that he really does have a pool of talents that he is meticulously unveiling at the right time. Don’t forget about his bars, though, because he once again proves that he’s one of the most nimble, inventive spitters in the game throughout the song’s verses, so if you have been craving something new from BFB Da Packman, “Trick” will certainly satisfy your hunger until his next drop.