Trial – [Keezah]

The rap talent emerging currently from DC and its immediate suburbs in Maryland right now is simply staggering and from the artistic triumphs of artists like Goonew and Lil Dude as well as Xanman in recent years have rallied to create a unifying style more so than simply sound that has been seeing its fingerprints all over the mainstream music industry, from the punched-in flows to the ways rappers are focusing on their punchlines with increasingly minute references and fervor with their delivery. Many people and journalists have written off the other artists breaking barriers stylistically similarly in recent months that have seen artists like Baby Fifty, Lil Gray, Suckafreejuice, and Lil Lo take the precedent set by the original DMV vanguard and push the sound forward in all sorts of new directions that are helping further develop the already incredibly unique sound that traces its most basic percussive elements back to the ‘GoGo’ music that was the initial sound of DC, if you will.

However in the midst of all of this innovation and talent there are two artists named Kayvo and Keezah who seem to be furthest on the cutting edge and consequently favorites of many of the areas foremost artists and producers and their rise thus far has been criminally underdocumented but they both boast large catalogs of both duo and solo songs as they follow the blueprint of dropping a large quantity of music and not overly forcing the promotion of it and rather letting it digest organically which leads to their fans being all the more dedicated thereon.

Keezah’s latest visual for his track “Trial” brings one of my favorite tracks of his to life, courtesy of Good Guys. Keezah’s flow is effortless and laid-back and he sleepwalks over the happy-go-lucky piano-laced instrumental that is equally funky and thumping. MayoInTheMix and Sparkheem collided on this track’s production and each of them have helped create this now irreplaceable and unimitatable sound that is constantly morphing and varying in style but impossible to copy in bounce. The beginning of the “Trial” visual features a new snippet from Keezah that I am very, very eager to hear as well and am certain that he has quite a bright future ahead of him.