Tom The Mail Man comes through on his promise and pours his heart out on his new single “Traveling Alone.” The first time I covered Tom on Lyrical Lemonade was for his infectious single and video “My Storm.” Since then he’s 2 for 2 with his single drops in “Rain Down” and now “Traveling Alone.” When you dive into his discography then you can catch a glimpse into how music a proficient songwriter and creator that Tom The Mail Man is. “Traveling Alone” falls on the indie-pop side of the things and I can easily see this being placed in Spotify playlists like ‘Pollen’ and the ‘Anti Pop’ playlist. The wordplay and imagery that he’s able to create with his hooks and lyrics are ahead of the curb compared to where a lot of artists are at his level.
Listen to Tom The Mail Man’s new carefree single “Traveling Alone” after the break.