Virginia artist Caleb Steph made his Lyrical Lemonade debut a few weeks ago with the infectious offering, “Can I Talk,” and today, he’s here to prove that the hype is real with yet another fantastic release, “Trapped.” Taking his pent-up energy out against the soul-stricken instrumental, this song and video perfectly show the ways in which music can be viewed as an outlet. Steph lets loose his pure honesty through a slew of hard-nosed deliveries and impassioned lyrics, making sure to bring listeners into his world for every second of the nearly 3-minute release. With “Trapped,” it’s more than clear that Caleb Steph has something to say, and at all costs, he’s going to make sure he gets his message across. The result of this mentality is a song just as energetic as it is true-to-self and instinctive, devoid of any time for doubt.

I wasn’t sure how Steph was going to follow up “Can I Talk” considering how impressive that song was, but clearly, he’s ready to continue the hot streak and then some. Check out “Trapped” and its ominous visual companion at the link provided below and let us know what you think in the comments!

P.S. — Keep an eye out for Caleb Steph’s forthcoming project, Bellwood Product!