Traffic Jam – [SoloSam]

Obviously, being a fan of any and all music in general, I’m always on the lookout for the next upcoming act that captures my attention and steals the show. As for rap and hip-hop, I just personally tend to lean towards some more ignorant, bass-heavy tracks that aren’t necessarily full of substance, and although this is my personal preference oftentimes, when someone who makes completely different kinds of music than this stands out to me, I have to shine a spotlight on them as soon as I get the chance. I was recently put onto SoloSam, an artist I don’t know much about, but when I saw that he released an Ayo Okesanya and Peripheral Projects-directed music video for his song “Traffic Jam”, I had to tune in without a doubt in my mind.

As this visual begins, Sam wakes up in a panic in the driver’s seat of his car in the middle of nowhere. As he gets out, he opens the hood and realizes that something is wrong, and when he tries to call someone for help, his phone doesn’t get reception in the barren landscape that he is stuck in. Walking up the road to find some form of life, he attempts to hitchhike a few times with no luck before one gracious driver pulls over, allowing Sam to hop in the bed of the pickup truck. These various shots are rotated throughout the video before the song stops for a minute to breathe, coming back in with a different vibe as Sam lays down on his back in the bed of the truck. Finally, all of the events that unfolded rapidly rewind, and Sam is awoken by another car beeping as he seemed to have dozed off at a red light, dreaming of the previous events during his brief nap.

While I’m not entirely sure what else SoloSam has released, I am definitely going to pay attention moving forward. According to the statement that I received alongside the video, this is a much more laid-back, smooth sound for Sam, and although it’s different, it definitely caught the attention of fans and industry individuals as well, so he’s well on his way to fortune and fame, from my perspective at least. I got a sort of Saba mixed with Mick Jenkins vibe from this record and considering those are two of my all-time favorite artists, I will definitely gravitate towards many more SoloSam releases moving forward. If this sounds like something that’s up your alley as well, make sure you stop missing out and tune into SoloSam’s latest music video for his song “Traffic Jam”.