In all the time I’ve been listening to his music, I’ve always found great reverence in the way that Latrell James is able to turn life into song in such a seamless manner. Without losing any energy or meaning in the process, James always knows how to find the art in the world around him, just as listeners can see in his brand new single, “Trachpone.” Taking listeners on a journey through the success and progress that the rising talent has experienced so far, this offering smiles at the role that growth plays in our lives and professional careers, using it as a vehicle for the Boston native’s proudly future-minded lyricism. Backed by a lively instrumental and a colorful palette of cadences, “Tracphone” finds replay value in its ability to resonate, making this a must-listen for anyone out there working toward their dreams.

That said, even while Latrell James chooses to focus on how far he’s come with this release, he certainly doesn’t shy away from the fact that to grow is to see both ups and downs. This honesty is sure to connect to a wide audience, so listen to “Tracphone” at the link below and let us know what you think in the comments!

Produced by: @latrelljames
Engineered by: @lightfoot
Cover Artwork Shot by: Nik Weikert
Cover Art Direction: @LordFelix