Tooslow – [Funeral]

Though the underground pop scene is progressing forward at a convincingly rapid rate, that does not mean there isn’t room for the artists who make up this landscape to constantly try new and off the cuff things with their sound, style, or a little bit of both at the same time. 


To say that one of this genre’s most premiere and ever-rising stars in Funeral has practically made a career out of doing exactly this – and only this – is a complete and utter understatement. It is tellingly difficult to pinpoint an exact signature style that he has hampered on for a given amount of time simply due to how divergent of an artist he really is with each successive song, project, or other item he drops.


And as if this trend had any reason to break in the first place, he has just followed up his previous single – the excitingly manic and resounding “Crash Tonight” – with a guitar-tinged alt-pop ballad in “Tooslow.”


Though this track certainly marks yet another new sonic direction for Funeral, what with its focus on that aforementioned main guitar riff along with its more upfront and vivid percussion choices, it tends to at least share the same basic components as most of his other tracks as far as thematics are concerned. 


These themes of dread, broken relationships, and pure angst make themselves very clear through not only the lyrics as they are, but Funeral’s now-iconic and yet-to-be-replicated inflection — one that carries arguably the heaviest amount of emotional weight that possibly any pop act working right now could ever imagine. 


The manners in which he can take this one-of-a-kind inflection and apply it to nearly every single theme, beat, or even external feature that he finds himself taking on just proves his place as an absolute masterclass in pop. “Tooslow” is just an addition to an ever-growing catalog that has something for everybody, and not just that, but something purely outstanding for everybody as well.