Too Close – [D. Savage]

Los Angeles is a city that absolutely thrives in the music industry, but when sitting back and thinking of all of the insanely talented artists and the various diverse sounds coming out of the West Coast for decades, this is not a shock to anyone, no matter how seasoned or novice of a music listener you might be. Some talents get so much shine in blogs, publications, and other mediums, while others are making such incredible music that doesn’t seem to get the same recognition, but I love being able to change this with the platform I am so lucky to have, and I’m never going to let an emcee receive anything less than the justified amount of respect that they deserve.

D. Savage is an artist who has over a million monthly listeners on Spotify and has been a force in the game for quite some time, yet I feel like I don’t hear his name mentioned nearly enough, so after I saw that he released a Cameron Nichols and Rice Cognac-directed music video for his song “Too Close”, I knew I had to write about it. This record is featured on his album BPL, which was released earlier this year, boasting 15 songs that span right around 42 minutes long and contains features from immense hitmakers like Lil Gnar, Trippie Redd, Tony Shhnow, Matt Ox, and K Suave, yet this song is one that truly stuck out to me despite it being a solo effort on the project.

The visual for this record is definitely awesome, providing us with some intricate camera work that elevates the bouncy nature of the song wonderfully, and even though the scenes themselves are pretty standard, the effects used definitely blew me away. Whether D. is surrounded by green numbers like he’s in the Matrix, shown through a heat vision camera, or blurred, quick transitions from shot to shot, he is definitely the main event regardless of the edits or alterations, making the music video for “Too Close” something you’re not going to want to miss out on any longer.