If you have been keeping up with Lyrical Lemonade since the beginning then chances are you have seen Adot on our pages before or if you were lucky enough to get your hands on our  most recent merch drop, which sold out in a matter of minutes, then you may recognize the dual face-tatted model who rocked our notorious lemonade carton in the Winter 2017 lookbook. Regardless of how you’ve first come to know the Chicago rapper, the reason you will stick around is the tongue twisting lyricism present in all of Dotty’s diverse discography. His latest two songs are no different, the first being “I Know”, produced by Shotgungis and NashyWorld, which is another relentless barrage of lyricism enhanced through cool, monotone delivery. The second offering, “Like That”, is produced by frequent collaborator, 5heriff, and showcases how Adot does not waste a single line with filler, weaving intricate bars over the wavy production. If you want to fully appreciate the meanings in these rhymes we strongly suggest you take a quick browse through Adot’s new Genius profile, we promise you will catch the cleverness you missed during the first few listens. Adot will be taking the stage alongside DuffleBagBuru, Qari, and Dally Auston on February 9th for our recently announced Lyrical Lemonade showcase, you can cop your $10 tickets here. Start memorizing the lines for Adot’s sure to be memorable set by hitting play on his latest releases below!