Time Away – [YSN Fab]

I know that in a ton of my articles, I write about some of the biggest music hubs in the United States because it’s obviously where I’m from and what I know the most about. While I’m finding out about new artists on a daily basis rising through the ranks of these various regions, I would be remised if I didn’t mention just how talented some of the emcees are up in the great white north, or Canada for those who might not know the country’s nickname.

Obviously, artists like Drake, NAV, The Weeknd, and other superstar-status hitmakers put on for their respective provinces, but after getting deeper into the music scene, I have come to find numerous talents who definitely deserve to share a spot in the limelight with these massive names as well. Montreal is one place that is oozing with talent, and while I constantly listen to various artists from this province, I am always interested to hear from artists in other parts of the country as well.

YSB Fab is an emcee who I recently found out about, and even though I don’t know too much about him quite yet, it appears that he has a solidified and consistently growing fanbase when looking at some of the numbers his music has been doing over the years. Winnipeg is the place the independent artist calls home and he seems to want to stay there for a while, understandably, and even though it might not be known for its hip-hop scene, I truly believe Fab is the one who can change this misconception and bring light to the Canadian province.

The first song I actually heard was his most recent release “Time Away”, but I knew from the moment he began to spit that this was the first of many songs I’d be listening to for the foreseeable future. The production features some smooth, elegant strings combined with spread-out drums and rattling percussion that is entertaining in and of itself.

Fab turns things up a ton when he begins to speak, though, because even though his flows are impressive and swift, they’re also very adaptive, showing off his versatility as a slight melodious quality shines brightly within his delivery. YSN Fab might still be grinding to continue building up his fanbase, but if “Time Away” is any sort of predictor, I think that he’ll do just fine collecting new listeners considering I can imagine new fans flocking his way as time goes on and he continues releasing amazing records like this.