Time After Time – [Donald Grunge]

Massachusetts artist Donald Grunge is certainly no stranger to our platform, he has been featured here a few times in the past, and this afternoon he is back on our website with his brand new music video for “Time After Time”. This record was featured on his Cowboy Talk EP came out back in 2018, he has been steadily breathing new life into the project by releasing a slew of music videos to assist the tape. As we prepare for a deluxe version with four new songs, he decided to revisit the original with a fresh visual for a standout on the project “Time After Time”. Touching acoustic guitar riffs take center stage as Trap-influenced percussion and punchy drums assist the melody perfectly, but Donald absolutely steals the show with his incredible croons and infectious charisma. His voice is heavily autotuned, accentuating the impressive notes he’s belting out.

As far as the visual is concerned, he takes us to a beachfront coast where he hikes around with an acoustic guitar slung over his shoulder in his country-inspired outfit. The setting around him seems to have some sort of discoloration as pink and purple colors accentuate the greenery that surrounds him, adding some colorful elements to this calm and tranquil offering. One of my favorite shots is from above as Donald lays flat on a boulder as if he’s daydreaming and cloud watching and animated rocks seem to float around in the air above him. Certain quick cuts use lo-fi effects that give off this grainy look as a giant bald eagle can be seen in the distance. Later on, he revisits the beach at night, dancing around in the sand as a single red light illuminates the scene, providing some differentiating shots that truly make this video pop. Other than the color alterations and enthralling settings, this music video is kept relatively clean in order to perfectly assist the track without stealing the show, truly allowing his vocals and personality to shine through flawlessly.

Donald Grunge is somebody who we here at Lyrical Lemonade believe has the potential to be a star one day, it’s only a matter of time before he reaches that next level, but we’ve been enjoying watching his come up in the meantime. I highly suggest that you keep a close eye on this man, he’s been on an upward trajectory + I truly do not see that ending anytime soon. Take a few minutes out of your Thursday to check out this brand new visual below, and if you like it, then drop a comment under the video!