Till The Morning – [Jay Worthy] & [Shlohmo]

An artist who is constantly pushing the envelope by working with as many different talented producers as possible is Jay Worthy. His music has been well covered on Lyrical Lemonade but his most recent project might be one of the strongest, most creative to date. Already this year he has dropped an EP with Harry Fraud as well as another string of small projects with legends like The Alchemist, Cardo Got Wings, and Jake One. He recently dropped his latest collaboration with Shlohmo that is appropriately titled Till The Morning. A name that accurately reflects the work ethic Worthy possesses, he’ll continue hustling long after the sun has risen.

Tapping into production from Shlohmo is something people might not be expecting from the Compton legend, but the pair blend together perfectly to make something that sounds different than any of their previous releases. Throughout this EP, Shlohmo “Mama Used to Say” is a great example of the west coast influenced production from Shlohmo elevating Worthy’s laidback delivery that he has become known for. “You Know” is one of the strongest records on the EP, Worthy sounds immaculate over a beat that centers around jazzy flute every single time. While each song on this project has its own appeal, “Fur Coat” might be the song that puts the unique talents of both artists on full display.

Worthy has an innate ability to create deep relationships with the producers he works with, every time he collaborates he brings something different to the table. All the projects he has dropped this year have a very different feel to them while all being unquestionably Jay Worthy. This crazy year is barely half over and Worthy has already blessed us with some of the best music of his career, he always has a few tricks up his sleeves so keep your eyes posted as there’s really no way to know what comes next.

Steam Till The Morning below!