Till It’s Over – [Lil Xelly]

If you’ve followed my writing for even a few months, at this point, Rockville, Maryland native Lil Xelly is definitely a name you should be familiar with. I’ve praised his insane work ethic many times in the past, and while it seems like he has slowed down releasing certain projects compared to what he used to put out, it’s clear that the quality aspect of his music has increased tenfold, and it makes me even more excited for the future. Just a couple of weeks ago Xelly dropped off a new project entitled Hellen Xeller, and at 12 songs that run almost 23 minutes long, he made sure to only include hits on this one.

While it’s hard for me to choose a favorite off of the tape, one of the songs I found myself constantly revisiting was the final track entitled “Till It’s Over”, so when I found out he teamed up with AS Visuals to shoot a music video, I stopped in my tracks and pressed play. Opening up in a dark studio, Xelly smokes his blunts and recites his lines as neon strips of lights shine on in his rearview, illuminating the portraits on the wall of legendary artists like the Notorious BIG. Later on, we’re transported to the kitchen inside of a home where green lights add a different vibe before he peaks through the closed blinds to see if anyone is watching him. Another shot takes him outside with his crew as he continues to vibe out to his record while animations of weed nuggets, bongs, and other objects float across the screen naturally.

Although this visual is barely a minute long, Xelly makes it count by showing off some of his designer outfits and his entertaining personality, so even though there isn’t really anything crazy going on, it’s just a clean video that combines with the record perfectly. As for Hellen Xeller, there isn’t a single feature that joins him so he’s able to show off his very versatile and dexterous skills that showcase his high energy and rambunctious flows in the perfect fashion. I hope that you’re familiar with the Maryland emcee by now but if you somehow aren’t, you’re going to want to listen to this project as soon as possible, and when you’re all finished, head straight to his video for “Till It’s Over” and check that out as well.