THREE HEADS* – [Jean Dawson]

Kids these days have a much different upbringing than anyone in the history of this world thanks to technology, the internet, and even social awareness. We are the generation that doesn’t stand for anything unjust, and with access to anyone across the world on the world wide web and social media, there is never a day that goes by where someone doesn’t make their stance on an issue known. That also means that misfits no longer have to hide or be afraid of their true identity, because there once was a time when these outcasts felt excluded due to their minimal exposure to others like them, The internet allows these individuals to come together and rise up, embracing who they are and being proud of this label, not ashamed of it as they once were.

I mean, I’m not ashamed to call myself a bit of a misfit because although certain traits of mine might not fit the mold, others definitely do, and if I had a penny for every time someone came up to me and said something along the lines of “Danny, you really don’t look like someone who would be into the type of music that you are”, I’d be able to retire right here on the spot. Well, the same goes for artists because no one seems to be afraid of their uniqueness anymore, as they shouldn’t be, and if anything, it feels like the more out of the box you are, the more people flock your way.

Californian Jean Dawson has been noted as one of these freaks, misfits, or outcasts, but it’s a label that he wears with pride because he has an “I don’t give a shit what you think” attitude, and it is one of the countless reasons why I have become such a huge supporter of his. His sonic creations have spanned many genres including indie rock, alternative, rap, and even some hyperpop, so even though these styles differ heavily from one another, Jean never changes his disposition and keeps a continuous rebellious attitude throughout any song he puts out. As of the last few years, he has been elusive, working in the shadows and only putting out about three new songs in the span of 2 rotations around the sun, but this provides a sort of inclusivity that his cult fanbase appreciates even more every time he does drop.

A few days ago, to my surprise, Jean decided to release a brand-new song entitled “THREE HEADS*” that was accompanied by the announcement that he will be putting out his upcoming album CHAOS NOW* in October, and this set the internet ablaze. He even self-produced this hit with the help of other hitmakers like Austin Corona, Wyatt Bernard, Nate Sherman, and Ty Mayer, giving us a wildly individualistic foundation that is flawless for the underground icon.

The guitar-heavy production allows Jean to exploit his indie-fueled vocals that breathe so much vitality into the track it’s impossible not to feel enthused after tuning in. The parts that truly drew me in even further were the more innocent, softer portions of the track where the overall excitement was toned down, allowing Jean to share his message without any impotence as this hopeful, inspiring aesthetic overtakes you right before things get back to the fiery chaos that was the way the record began.

Bradley J. Calder even directed a music video that provides some much-appreciated visual context to the song, but there is just too much going on for me to even begin to describe, so I’ll let you consume that on your own as you listen. Jean Dawson is the definition of a phenom, and even though October can’t come soon enough, I am already positive that the impending album is going to be a spectacle that you’re not going to want to miss out on the second it drops.