Syracuse based singer/songwriter Charlie Burg drops his first release of the new year with his extended play ‘Three, Fever.’ The eight-track, 25-minute project is a follow up to his 2017 offering ‘Two, Moonlight’. Before you could classify his music as the popular 2018 term “bedroom pop.” There’s nothing wrong with that term and I love artists from that sub-genre it’s just that ‘Three, Fever‘ feels like it has a more crisp and polished feel to it. One thing that remains constant is throughout Charlie’s discography is his alluring vocals and potent songwriting. Songs like “To Dance Is To Love” scream and exude star potential from the 22-year-old crooner. I’m curious to what kind of roll out we will receive now that the project is out so early into the year. Will there be a slew of videos or a short film in the works stemming from this. My other theory is that this is only a prelude leading to something more along the lines of a full-length album later in the year.

Stream Charlie Burg’s ‘Three, Fever’ below.