Thoroughbred // Food – [Kirblagoop]

More than any other rapper I listen to right now I have to say that none other than Kirblagoop personifies a book not matching its cover. He has been a familiar name and face to many fans of underground rap for some time now and at no point in his very, very long tenured career has he failed to exist on the sharpest-most tip of the genre’s cutting edge. Watching his videos leaves zero doubt that Kirb is really in the field and his persona is foreboding and slightly deranged but his sound is unlike that of any other artist out. He has recently been gaining increased traction on YouTube by following the easy in theory, but practically difficult challenges of flooding the platform with a consistent stream of hard visuals that give his already strong and continually growing fanbase a steady diet of videos to watch to match his extensive back catalog of a litany of both official releases and leaked tracks and remixes across SoundCloud and a host of other platforms.

Two of my favorite recent visuals from Kirblagoop are his Pi’erre Bourne and Marvin Cruz produced (there seems to be some dissension in the comments if Pi’erre actually assisted this though) track “Thoroughbred” which is an upbeat and cartoonish track where the streetwiseness of his bars are camoflauged by the happy-go-luckiness of both the beat and Kirb’s ad-libs mixed with the most obvious facet of his sound which are his effortlessly high-pitched vocals which require little autotune and aren’t forced in the slightest. His voice is truly unique in the most literal since of the term. “Food” is his most recent visual that he shot outside of a McDonald’s and is another absolutely fantastic beat that is much more chill than “Thoroughbred” but similar in glitter and polish with the production this time coming from Lupo. I am really excited to keep listening to Kirb and hear what else he has coming as there is literally no artist more unique or boundary pushing on the underground side of the trap genre.