Things Used To Be Fun – [Taylor Morgan]

In a music world dominated by name value, sincerity, and sheer market appeal, it is always refreshing to see even the most well-known and highly enamoured acts take the time to create content that isn’t attempting to live up to any set norms or trends, and still have incredibly outstanding results come about in the process.


That sentiment has been expertly accomplished within the rising next wave of pop music by countless amounts of artists, mostly due to the fact that rules within this landscape have ceased to exist from practically day one, and most, if not all acts within this scene have taken it upon themselves to exercise their creative indulgences in a number of manners. 


Taylor Morgan – one of the most in-demand producers and artists alike within this scene – has taken this aforementioned notion to its highest levels on numerous occasions; knowing the sheer talent that they exude in every project that they take up can tell you how remarkable each and every one of these occasions ends up turning out as. 


The latest of these songs is entitled “Things Used To Be Fun,” and it is truly anything but the norm as far as the landscape that surrounds them would like to dictate. This is a spacious, fluttering, and passionate piece of dream pop that does nothing else but exemplify what a dynamic and eternal talent Taylor is in one small package. 


The entire track is drenched in these utterly submerging effects that overlay not just the steady synth riffs and guitar passages, but also Taylor’s beautifully executed vocal performance all the same. What results in the end is an entire experience of a song packed into just 2 short minutes — practically begging the listener to return to this otherworldly aura that only Taylor could possibly envision.