They Can’t FWM – [Icewear Vezzo]

I’m so used to underground artists putting out an influx of music while mainstream talents get away with sometimes only dropping something new once in a blue moon. While it makes sense for the up-and-comers to want to get as much music out as possible to increase their chances of success in this industry, I feel like the bigger names are given too much of a break and need to continue to expand on their work ethic as they celebrate their success. Now, I’m not here to lecture or complain, I just love hearing new music, but then again, who doesn’t?

Obviously, there are exemptions to my previous statement, and the biggest exception I could ever think of is Icewear Vezzo, a Detroit spitter who makes nothing but hits, and lots of them. While he is certainly no longer an underground emcee, I don’t know if you could classify him as a mainstream rapper either, but with the music he makes, it seems like this is his choice, not anyone else’s. Vezzo just doesn’t appear to ever sleep or even leave the studio, for that matter, because not a week goes by when there isn’t a brand-new song, video, or project dropping from the Motor City miracle worker.

Thanks to this work ethic, Vezzo has become one of my favorite rappers in the industry, and I’m not alone with that mindset whatsoever. Fresh off of the third installment of his Rich Off Pints mixtape series and inking a deal with industry powerhouse Quality Control Music just a couple of months ago, Vezzo isn’t letting anything stop him from releasing his art, so I couldn’t wait to tap in with his latest Cash Out Beatz-produced, Diesel Films-directed video single “They Can’t FWM”.

The Michiganite is unique in many ways, but my favorite method comes in the form of his individualistic boasts, and that’s clear in this visual. Instead of showing off private jets, shopping sprees, or exotic vacations, the musician takes things back to his roots in the trap house. While this is a pretty normal setting that is regularly utilized throughout his visuals, it never gets old to me.

At the same time, he does include some of the more lavish things he can afford in life like a Lamborghini, an assortment of jewelry, and an abundance of double cups, so you know he’s enjoying life regardless of the physical setting he’s in. Icewear Vezzo when from hungry go-getter to bonafide superstar in what feels like no time, but after hearing songs like “They Can’t FWM”, there’s no question as to why he has been so successful in the music business.