Sam Morrison
Sam Morrison
28 Jul 2020

For those of you who are looking for a soothing sound to fill the ambience of your current situation, sit back, relax and continue reading to uncover a true gem. There are certain artists whose songs are good enough to write about, but there are certain artists who are great enough to fully get behind their artist project as a whole. The person I’m writing about today belongs in that second category without a doubt.

Andrea Chahayed is a beautiful soul who I had the pleasure of speaking with a couple of weeks back. In January of this year, the LA based singer songwriter dropped a song called “Tenant” that is honestly one of the most jaw-dropping pieces I’ve heard in recent history. Curators and fans alike, felt the same way, as the song received editorial playlist support from Spotify. Five months later, “Tenant” has amassed well over 600,000 streams across the platform alone. As the numbers continued to climb, Andrea decided to keep the momentum going by dropping an equally impressive offering that was released in mid July.

“The Words” is the newest single by the 22-year-old songstress and I must say that it is a spectacular follow-up to her debut showing. From the moment you press play, the angelic nature of Andrea’s voice takes center stage. This delicate song has the ability to reduce stress and obliterate anxiety which is just a true testament the power that good music truly has. I was able to talk to Andrea about what this song means to her and she explained,

““The Words” is about what a struggle it can be to find the courage and the words to tell someone how you feel. Funny enough, the song kinda speaks for itself in getting that message across in the end. This track was a lot of fun to work on because I got to experiment with a new and unexpected sound for me, especially coming from my last single, “Tenant” (which has a more organic, singer-songwriter feel to it). My music is something that evolves with me and is a reflection of my personal growth, especially since what’s inspiring me is constantly changing from moment to moment. So with every new project, the listener can have a fresh experience from their last.”

“The Words” is a beautiful piece that breathes so much life into the delicate thoughts and feelings from Andrea’s mind. Her vulnerability and transparency allows the song to soar to the highest heights possible. I’ve been playing this one non stop and I believe that you all will be in the same boat. I’ve attached the Spotify link down below. Give it a listen and let us know what you think.