The Vibes – [Booka600]

What Lil Durk has done in the span of a decade is almost inconceivable because it seems like it would take an entire army even longer to reach the same levels of success as he has. He has built an empire, beginning with his own music but using his success to put others on and get them into a position to thrive the way he is, and that says even more about him as a person than it does about him strictly as an artist. All of his moves have been meticulously planned, and this is obvious when looking at the unbeatable roster he has built for his label Only The Family.

The thing is, if OTF somehow failed in an alternate universe, he would have been just fine within his own career, but he has leaned on some of the most versatile, talented, and hungry emcees in Chicago to lead a new wave of Windy City music, and one of the most notable names on the roster is Booka600. As with many of the OTF members, Booka began his sonic journey in the drill or underground lane, sharing ruthless tales from the streets over hard-hitting production in such a unique and captivating fashion. As time went on and he began to grow as a musician, though, he has diversified his skill set and shown listeners that he can be just as dominant with more soulful, melodic records as he can be on ruthlessly aggressive hits.

About a month ago, this fact was demonstrated once again with his Ben Yancey and ProdHoops-produced track “The Vibes”. I absolutely love this song, partially because of the uplifting, bright style that it shares, but also because Booka’s message is so encouraging and inspiring. This positivity carries over into the Joe Moore-directed music video as his success is showcased in a collection of shots that take him from his home to the stage where he vibes out in front of massive crowds.

I think this song is a textbook example of how Chicago drill originators have stood out because while other areas of the world will go from nothing to something and flaunt their triumphs in the form of tangible riches, our hometown success stories take a different route. To elaborate, the path they take is one that shows appreciation and gratitude for the fact that they made it out of a situation that may have once felt was impossible to escape.

While the chains and cars and garments are present in their videos and on social media, they typically place more importance on appreciating life rather than the physical possessions aspect in their songs. Booka600 is one of the best examples I can think of when defending this point, and I couldn’t think of a more deserving artist to receive the respect that he has been shown, so get in tune with “The Vibes” if you want to lift up your spirit and put yourself in a great mood for the rest of the day!