The Talk – [Chief Keef]

Whether you’re looking at the history of modern-day music in Chicago or music throughout the entire world, Chief Keef is an artist that is simply a legend. While people might hate on him a bit in recent years because of his influx of releases, I think he’s still one of the most creative and inventive musicians in the entire game. Despite his wealth and life on the West Coast ever since leaving Chicago, he still remembers his roots clear as day and makes sure he specifies that he’s not someone to mess with no matter who you think you are.

I truly believe Keef still has a ton of unbelievable music in the vault that old Sosa fans would enjoy, yet so many people have just closed their minds to a new age of Keef because it’s not Finally Rich, and that’s just unfortunate for them. Recently, he teamed up with producer Akachi Glo to bring his song “The Talk” to life, and this is a great example of an incredible song that haters are going to miss out on because they’re too busy dwelling in the past to look ahead at the future.

As the beat begins, we can hear some interesting sound effects, high-pitched, tiptoeing synths, piercing hats and claps, and thumping drums that combine to create a foundation that Keef is all too familiar with, so you know he’s going to go off. He does, in fact, go crazy as he begins to spit, almost half-yelling his lyrics as if he’s almost preaching to an audience rather than rapping.

His cadence is playful yet insistent, showing us a side of him that we’re not necessarily used to, but I appreciate it so much. From here, he uses the entire 4 minutes and 40 seconds to talk his shit and switch up his cadences and deliveries a few times in order to keep things fresh and never outplay any sort of topics or narratives he’s diving into. Overall, Chief Keef is an artist that can only continue to build his empire more than ever, in my opinion, and that’s exactly what he’s going to do. With that being said, make sure to tap in with Sosa’s latest song “The Talk” and the Damien Wayne-directed music video as well.