The Secret Lies with Charlotte 2 – [BBY GOYARD]

I know I have probably beat this point into the ground by now, but BBY GOYARD is simply one of the most entertaining artists in the entire music industry, and the runner-ups aren’t even close. With all of the creativity and thought that goes into each and every record he puts out, there is no reason why he shouldn’t be a household name at this point, but the longer he stays under the radar, the more people I get to put on as I continue to introduce more friends and family to the talent that is quickly going to become their favorite artist.

While he has been known to drop off a bevy of projects throughout the years with each one being better than the previous, he decided to keep his streak going once again with the release of his highly anticipated project The Secret Lies with Charlotte 2, the follow up to last year’s first edition of the series. I thoroughly and wholeheartedly enjoy every single song on this 15 track, 26-minute-long album, and while I want to write a novel on each and every record, I’m going to highlight a few of my favorites for time’s sake.

Opening up on a high note with “Nothing quite like that Spectral cares”, half of the beat seems to almost have this hyperdrill-like sound with crisp percussion and tons of sound effects, but the bassline is very deep and pungent, coming in to provide a smoothness to all the chaos. While this is happening, GOYARD’s Lil Shannon voice paints the instrumental like a canvas as he boasts some pitched-up bars that are angelic and light, despite all of the aggression unfolding within the production behind him.

A few songs later we arrive at “Very Valid!”, a song with a very adventurous, heavenly whistle that matches Shannon’s high voice once again, and by the time the song came to a close, I feel like I just beat an adventure video game and saved the princess or found the jewels or whatever the final outcome was meant to be. Fast-forwarding through a plethora of unbelievable songs, we arrive at “Final Destination” which is the penultimate song that truly captures your attention and helps you continue to vibe out right before things end on a high note with “Cradles2038”.

All in all, BBY GOYARD doesn’t ever seem to miss even slightly, and TSLWC 2 is no different whatsoever. He opts to go with his Lil Shannon voice for the majority of the project, which is probably my favorite version of him personally, so I think that is why I admire the album so much, but either way, it seems like it’s a project that newcomers and long-time fans alike will truly enjoy. Even with the variety of features on this album including names like Shawn Ferrari, Bsulv, Taylor Morgan, 4evr, EJ, and many more, GOYARD shines bright and makes his immense talents known for every single second he spits, making The Secret Lies with Charlotte 2 and all around can’t miss album that I highly suggest you check out as soon as you find a moment.