The Right Place – [Kenneth Cash]

After releasing his breakthrough song “Stickyola,” Kenneth Cash returns to Lyrical Lemonade with an equally breathtaking single entitled “The Right Place.” Produced by Cash himself, the record employs a fresh R&B direction with noticeably crisp drums and a heavy bassline. Accompanied by a Michael Flynn (Flynnstone LLC) production, Cash details the burden of feeling worked out, stressed out, and left out. Visibly strolling across the city in professional work attire, viewers will examine Cash making a commute to his 9-to-5 like job, which lowers his levels of happiness, creativity, and freedoms of expression. This picture is cleverly and subtly contrasted with moments where Cash spends time with his (presumed to be) friends; all of whom are casually enjoying themselves under a carefree social climate. Stating that he “never can walk out,” the resulting FOMO is an overbearing sensation that leaves Cash feeling lost amid a routine, yet monotonous schedule. Feeling “MIA to the right place,” the track itself serves as clear evidence that Kenneth Cash has plenty more to offer than wasting his time in a confined cubicle. Therefore, the ‘right place’ is not necessarily an precise location, but rather a desirable green light to sustain and operate under the artist’s own terms. Check out the excellent visual for Kenneth Cash’s brilliant new song “The Right Place” below!