Today I am incredibly excited to introduce the Lyrical Lemonade audience to the powerhouse trio out of LA, Villain Park. The quick-spitting group consisting of Smoke, Bunge, and DJ Coly Cole just dropped their debut album The Recipe that is full of high-energy bars that are sure to get your head boppin. What has made this group become a quick favorite of mine is their unique but familiar sound, it’s incredibly influenced by timeless West Coast 90s rap and something I forgot I needed in my life. Even though this is the group’s debut album, their sound is incredibly polished. So much so that they are at the point where they are spitting thoughtful lyrics at lightning speed, reminiscent of Bone Thugz or Twista. Seriously.

My introduction to Villain Park came by way of their video for “Visions” which dropped a few weeks back, the video caught my attention with the pace at which they were able to get their bars off and still be incredibly melodic in their delivery. Everything about their music is classic LA but what they do best is make an updated version of the sound made the West Coast truly iconic. From start to finish, this album is full of big rap cuts with some major standouts like “Thang On Me”, “Rare Form” and “Cold Game” alongside Levii and Jay 305. My best recommendation to listen to this album would be on a sunny day with the top down and the volume up, cruising through whatever neighborhood you live in.

Take a listen to The Recipe on all platforms here!