The New Normal: A Conversation w/ Glaive

Whether you have caught on yet or not, North Carolina’s Glaive is one of the quickest rising artists out right now as each of his releases adding fuel to the raging fire that is his catalog. His music is nearly impossible to put into one genre label but with 5 songs under his belt he has had one of the most impressive debuts, all of that falls on his originality. As this new genre dubbed “hyperpop” continues its slow takeover of the charts, artists who have been creating music without having to worry about any particular stylistic labels has created a new sense of freedom for people to be truly creative again. This is likely why SoundCloud has once again become a breeding ground for some of tomorrow’s biggest stars once again.

Glaive has had a strong impact on this sound, his first few releases took off and got the attention of curators who saw the talent, giving him a much larger platform to be heard. Seeing artists get these placements while independent is something that is still rare but becoming more commonplace, this should be a testament to the creative talents of Glaive. He isn’t an artist who puts in large amounts of effort into his cover art or trying to brand himself, often just using random photos he finds amusing to be the connection to his art. At the end of the day, Glaive lets the music do the talking and that authenticity is what has made so many latches on to the phenomenon on the rise.

This past week, he recently released a song titled “clover” which is the first song almost all self-produced (additional guitar by Saints Tomorrow). This emo-influenced track touches on the feelings of blowing up while friends around you begin to act a little differently once success is seen. His career seems to be snowballing quickly, each release showing a different stylistic approach and shows that we really can’t be too sure where he’ll go on his next release. Being 15 and finding fame can be difficult, but with a supportive community built around a lot of these artists, they don’t need to rely on the traditional infrastructure that the music industry has been running on forever.

We chatted with Glaive earlier this week to get to know the mysterious SoundCloud superstar, take a read below!

Can you introduce yourself to the Lyrical Lemonade audience?

I’m Glaive, I make music on Soundcloud. I’m 15 and from North Carolina. I haven’t been making music for very long but that’s pretty much it.

How have things been in the past few weeks?

SoundCloud has been performing well for a while but when my music started to take off on Spotify it made me really happy and was super exciting. It was awesome to see more and more people finding out about my music every day, it was all just very exciting.

It was great to see you placed so high on New Music Friday as an independent artist!

It was insane! Somebody texted me that I was on it and I couldn’t believe it. I looked at it and had millions of followers, it was crazy!

How does it feel to be in North Carolina while your career is starting to take off?

Where I live in North Carolina is a very small 200-300 person town. It’s tiny, so there isn’t much going on at all. For me, I would love to be somewhere else. Somewhere there are more people who are understanding or just more like-minded people in general, especially for music. I like where I live, it’s really pretty but there’s not much going on.

How excited are you to play live shows?

That’s probably the thing I’m most excited about! I’ve always been very confident with talking in front of large groups of people. I know that’s nerve-wracking for a lot of people but for me, that’s never been an issue. Not to toot my own horn, but I  do think I’ll be really good at it. I’m not using loads of autotune, I can sing well in a live performance. I think it’ll be really fun and definitely excited to do one.

Can you tell me about slowsilver03?

Basically its a collective. If you don’t know what a collective is, its like a musician group. We’re all pretty much friends that also make music. I started it with this guy kurtains, he makes similar music and he’s probably one of my closest music friends. We started it about 5 months ago, definitely a very new collective. It’s just some really amazing and talented artists.

What is the story behind the orangutang?

My family were showing some videos, I see this video of an orangutang on my Mom’s camera. I did some looking into it and I found out that his name was Pete, I was like wow this is such a funny video. I took a screenshot out of the video and make it my profile picture. I tweeted about it and it did well so I decided to keep tweeting about it. People started to ask questions about what it meant but they started to put my name together with the orangutang. I don’t know how but kind of fits my personality, I like it.

What artists/sounds influenced you the most for what you make because you’re all over the place in terms of genre?

I grew up listening to loads of Pop music in the 2010s. I got more into listening to EDM, which comes through a lot in my music. I was listening to midwest emo music, punk rock and that’s where you can hear the guitars come through. More recently, it’s kind of obvious but 100gecs, Brakence, all those “hyperpop” artists that are big now.

What do you think of the name hyperpop?

There’s been a lot of labels for the genre of the music me and my friends make. Hyperpop is one of the best. It’s definitely gone through a lot, glitch core is still being used and that’s one of the worst names.

What names don’t you like?

Glitchcore, digicore, anything that ends in a -core I’m not a fan of. I like hyperpop, it’s a good name.

Can you tell me a little bit about your new song “clover”?

I was talking with the guy who played the guitar and asked for some pop based guitar stuff. He sent me a little guitar melody, so I flushed it out more then did all the drums and thought I had something cool. I was having probably not one of the best days ever so I decided to make a sad song, but the drums are pretty upbeat. The lyrics aren’t super happy but the song overall is pretty nice sounding, not overly sad. I was just trying to make the best pop song I could while still remaining myself. A pop song in my own way.

The subject matter is pretty spot on for a lot of issues going on in the SoundCloud community right now.

Yeah definitely, I have a lot of friends saying “you’re doing so good and I’m not”. I genuinely believe everybody in this community is going to get some sort of shine or stardom. Not every single person is going to be huge but the majority of them are very talented and original musicians.

How important is discord to music right now?

Definitely very important, for at least the hyperpop genre or whatever you want to call it. Discord is how I met most of my music friends, I don’t know any of them in real life. Discord is how I met everybody, it helps make better music. Loads of the songs I’ve been on has just been people hitting me up asking me, “Do you want to get on this?”. I say yes, send it back, and I’m able to work with a ton of artists.

What can we expect from you next?

I want to keep making songs I enjoy. Get better at production, get better at singing, get better at everything that I can get better at. I want to do a smaller EP with some big features on it. I just want to get my music out to as many people as possible.