The Lay Down  – [Big Baby DRAM] ft. [H.E.R.] & [watt]

With the announcement that he is dropping new music, DRAM also released a message explaining that, 2 years removed since his last album, he would be getting back to his R&B and soul roots.

Starting off, he’s definitely aligning himself with the right people, recruiting new R&B sensation H.E.R, and guitarist Andrew Watt for “The Lay Down.”  Though the overall direction and cushioned R&B-driven board work may be new ground, DRAM’s charisma, and unique vocal drawl remain true and he does a great job of blending it with H.E.R’s smoky voice. Still present, as well, is DRAM’s knack for arrangement. Here he rounds out the cut emphatically with a strutting solo from watt that’s backed by some impressive vocal harmonies and powerful drums that work together to create rich, cascading feel.

Taking the qualities that are rooted in his DNA that made him a fan-favorite, but applying them to a new sound and direction, DRAM kicks off this new, Big Baby DRAM chapter with a bang.