The Kids Love Guns – [Bad Day Dre]

Bad Day Dre, also known as Dre Vegas, is making his debut as an artist today in Lyrical Lemonade with his deeply passionate and emotional new project The Kids Love Guns where Dre channels aggression and frustration into a fifteen song project. Dre blends a variety of styles, ranging from abstract, trunk rattling, experimental rap to more indie leaning instrumentals with almost punk like vocals considering Bad Day Dre’s fervor in which he delivers his upbeat and introspective lyrics. However this project would suggest quite differently, making music isn’t even necessarily his artistic forte yet as he has served as a videographer and editor to many of the most exciting artists to come out in the last year, proving to be a rare renaissance man in a highly specialized world that has been forcing people and artists into a niche in many ways in recent years. The production on this project was very impressive and he even collaborated with Wallis Lane who recently had two different tracks on Kanye West’s Donda with “New Again” and “Heaven and Hell,” as well as having recently extensively collaborated with $oFaygo further speaks to both Dre’s taste-rich eyes and ears. Another production highlight was NotSocial’s melancholically smooth “222.” The artistic direction of this project is fantastic and I am very eager to see how he follows up The Kids Love Guns and would definitely recommend checking out more of Bad Day Dre’s music and visual creations as well.