The Highest Flyest Fly on the Wall – [Pat Ron]

A collaboration between a producer and rapper isn’t a guarantee in quality but the pairing of Pat Ron and producer Por Vida is the closest thing to a guarantee you can get. Pat Ron’s latest project, The Highest Flyest Fly on the Wall, entirely produced by por vida, is a cinematically constructed, lyrically sharp, hazy collection of songs that is certifiably un-skippable. From the moment you press play on the eight-track project, you are immediately engulfed in a truly vivid soundscape with Pat Ron at the center of it all delivering laid-back rhymes with an undeniable punch. The project in its entirety progresses beautifully, its pacing is more focused on Pat Ron and the production, forcing the listener to match their pace, and step into their world rather than the other way around. Sonically, the 19-minute project re-instills that feeling of the blog era when mixtapes like Taylor Allderance, the Finally Famous series, and K.I.D.S. were all freshly released and blared from every speaker. Songs like, “Mirror Mirror,” “SwatMeOutTheSky,” and “Mr. BigShit” all exude this mixtape feeling as Pat Ron is surgically precise with his timing, cadence, and overall rhyme schemes that will have you completely entranced from the start of every song. 

Listen to The Highest Flyest Fly on the Wall by Pat Ron below.