The Florist-[Abby Sage]

“I’m someone who’s so protective of their friends. When something is broken, I want to fix it. And a florist is someone who through their actions makes a room prettier –because flowers always manage to do that”Abby Sage

Abby Sage returns to Lyrical Lemonade with a heartwarming new single titled “The Florist.” The song serves as the title track for her upcoming EP, The Florist which is set for an October 21st release via Nettwerk. There’s a lot to like about this song; from the fantastic guitar-filled instrumentation, Sage’s serene vocals, and the wholesomely creative lyrics. Stylistically it’s a refreshing, successful mesh between indie and soul, which is credited both to Abby’s singing as well as the cozy production. Not to mention, its repeated chorus is memorably addictive, as the artist’s words seamlessly flow along a delicate instrumental. Listen to “The Florist” by Abby Sage below!