John Matraia
John Matraia
21 Jul 2019

Here on Lyrical Lemonade, we’ve already covered a couple of the singles in support of Ed Ballon’s brand new album The Dubs, and as of this past Friday, we can finally listen to the project in full! 

Right from the get-go, on skeletally-produced, synth-heavy tracks like “Edges” and “Hero” featuring Illa J, Ed establishes himself as a compelling songwriter, getting introspective on most tracks, but also forcing listeners to get up and dance while singing along to his incredibly addicting hooks. Speaking of hooks, Ed seems to have them down to a science, as with every track on here, I find myself singing along at one point or another, and this balance that Ed creates is quite impressive.

Vocally, Ed is all over the place in the best possible way, and the standout track “Du Rags In The Air” with Niu Raza, captures this perfectly. On the chorus, he’s nearly whispering, and on one of the verses, we hear him channeling his inner Young Thug for some deep, yelpy vocals, showing off Ed’s impressive range. 

Ed and his band killed it on the production side as well, which only adds to the album’s greatness. While they are capable of making fun, stripped-down beats that allow Ed to shine, they also show off impressive musicality on breakdowns of tracks like “Saint” and “M’aider (Mayday)”, a song that makes so much sense as the album’s closer. “Missed Call”, featuring Open Mike Eagle and They Hate Change was one of my favorite singles of the year, and it finds a nice spot in the tracklist, making even more sense in the context of the entire record. 

I can’t deny that this is one of my favorite releases of the year, and I highly recommend checking it out on Bandcamp here or listening to it on all services down below!