The Color Blue – [D2X]

Back in the day when we used to hear legends such as Kanye West & Pharrell Williams refer to sounds as colors and how their music “paints pictures”, it may have been a hard concept to get a grasp on. It’s obvious that sound waves aren’t visible, so the average listener may let statements like this go over their heads. As we mature and we become students of the game, we understand the importance of it. When music is fueled by real-life pain, emotions, and situations, these colors begin to show in the music. Each feeling is accompanied by color, and each color has a meaning. Often so, we see these colors in album art and think nothing of it. Chicago up-and-comer D2X took this artistic approach and applied it to his debut album, The Color Blue.

“The color blue, in definition means peace, wisdom, understanding, as well as its association to spiritual realization. It also represents sadness/calmness. My album The Color Blue is really about me finding myself. It’s an album in sync of nostalgia, as well as emotional twists and turns that I deal with in my everyday life. I grew inspiration from Pablo Picasso’s “Blue Period” which was a series of paintings that were painted in different hues of blue.”


There’s a saying in music that states “you have your entire life to make your first album”, and that’s something that I always keep into consideration whenever I am listening to an artist’s debut full-length project. To many, it will be your introduction to the rap game and one of the first things people will judge your career by. What you have to say, and how you deliver it is important to focus on, and I love when I hear an album that masters this aspect perfectly. Right off the bat on the intro “Hues”, D2X wastes no time at all getting right to business and putting it all on the table. Speaking on subjects of depression and breaking out of it, putting God first, and even marrying the love of his life–D2X raps over a soulful sample.

Another standout track on the album would be “Shine”, where he speaks on his desires to leave the 9 to 5 job life behind and pursue a career in music and remaining hopeful that his time to shine will soon come. “Shine” has also been picking up major traction since being added to Apple Music’s official “The New Chicago” playlist which highlights some of the best underground Hip-Hop from the city. On the record “Hoop Dreams”, this one is a special joint that a lot of people are young kids growing up can relate to. As someone who used to play ball themselves, D2X speaks on his literal hoop dreams and how he grew up wanting to be a professional athlete before transitioning to being an artist.

In an Instagram post, D2X revealed a short film to accompany his release of the album. In the film, he speaks about the problems he faced creating the album and how he pushed through them, and even ties in the comparisons between rapping and playing basketball. It’s safe to say by now that D2X is a true student of the game, and The Color Blue is a prime example that he is an amazing star and is making a great name not only for the Chicago music scene but Hip Hop as a whole.