the art of being happy – [Lucas]

It’s hard for me to count how many new artists I’ve come across throughout 2022, but I can say that one of the most exciting rising stars on my radar is Lucas. The Massachusetts-by-way-of-Florida emcee just got started in this industry this year from what I know, but he hit the ground running and has delivered a handful of remarkable hits that I couldn’t be more excited to write about. Ahead of his Palm Trees and Fake Smiles project which I believe is due out sooner than later, he has gifted us a few records that seem to not only highlight just how huge he can be in this business but also show off how diverse and multifaceted he can be with an untapped imagination that just pours out everywhere, from his music to his music videos.

To end the year on another high note, Lucas dropped off another jam entitled “the art of being happy” alongside a Freehoneyy-directed music video that dives much deeper than the surface. The song begins with a smooth, jazzy instrumental that Lucas absolutely rips apart. Then, almost a minute in, the beat simplifies to include a bass-driven portion that allows Lucas to really go in and spit some expertly precise lines filled with creativity without the frills or embellishments. In the video, Lucas walks up to his front door, opening it up to find a Mr. Clean-inspired version of himself rapping along as other clones make their way around the house.

Another exciting scene takes place in the backyard as the emcee dresses in the same attire as a monk, leading a sort of spiritual ceremony that ultimately leads to him being woken up from his hallucination by one of his friends making sure he’s okay. I feel like this one is super interesting because it shows that there are different versions of everyone, and it’s impossible to be 100% on point every single day, but as long as you can recognize these alternate forms of yourself, you can understand that you don’t need to have everything figured out.

As long as keep pushing forward and try to not get stuck in one of these more complex, difficult characters too often, sometimes all you need to do is splash some water on your face, recollect yourself, and keep trekking forward, as Lucas does by the end of the video. I honestly believe Lucas has a truly special talent, and when combining this with his unmatched inventiveness alongside his ability to implement this vision into his craft, I think we’re just seeing the beginning of this spectacular musician’s full potential.