The Adventures of Moon Man & Slim Shady- [Kid Cudi] & [Eminem]

When talking about some iconic names in the world of Rap music, there’s never a discussion that ends without Eminem’s name being mentioned towards the top. He’s clearly a superstar in every single sense of the word and although some people may claim to lean towards his more classic offerings, there’s absolutely no denying that he hasn’t lost his skills or drive whatsoever. As for Kid Cudi, my personal favorite artist, I could go on for days describing my admiration for his music and stylistic choices over the years. Almost everything I’d say would most likely be something that someone else has said before because he’s been talked about so much, so I feel as if I should just get right into this super duo’s brand-new collaborative song entitled “The Adventures of Moon Man & Slim Shady”.

As the beat begins, there is a mysterious aura that takes over the speakers with tiptoeing synths and the tempo of the track is a bit swifter than expected, which seems to add some determination to the offering. When the drums come in, they almost slow the pace down, but this is the perfect landscape for Kid Cudi to come right in and completely rap his ass off. Cudi opts to go back to one of his more retro sonic varieties by completely rapping in the outer space-like, trippy style that is a huge part of the reason why I have such admiration for the Cleveland star. Considering he has gone with more melodic flows in many of his releases in recent years, it’s nice to hear him go back to some of his more classic styles and provide fans with the peace of mind that he hasn’t lost this part of his artistic treasury. There’s a filter over his voice that makes his voice sound airy as it echoes during certain portions, while during other parts, his ad-libs bring a new dynamic that was previously absent. During his portion, The Moon Man takes us on a journey through his life and experiences, mentioning his past with drugs as well as attending rehab, traveling around the world, and coming up with a new plan to change his life and move on from the past.

After his lengthy verse, Em comes in out of nowhere and you almost can’t tell it’s him because his laid back, nonchalant delivery matches his counterpart’s disposition much more than his own typical charisma. As his verse progresses, he gets a bit more energetic within his lines but in a somewhat playful way, as we’ve heard many times in the past. His bars are spit in parts and his articulation ensures that you understand every single lyric he speaks, which is important considering the clever, witty wordplay that he utilizes is something that you don’t want to miss out on. About halfway through his part, Em ditches the segmented cadence and boasts one of his much quicker, impressive flows that proves once again why he’s a legend. Clearly, he doesn’t hold back from showing off his skills that have just gotten stronger throughout his tenure in the Rap industry, and he definitely doesn’t hold back with his lyrical content, either. Throughout his additionally extensive verse, Slim Shady admiringly name drops people like Lil Wayne and Snoop Dogg, while coming at Drew Brees’ neck for the comments he made about kneeling during the national anthem. Additionally, he uses some of the most complex wordplays to delve into topics like wearing masks to protect others during the pandemic, police brutality, and George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery, among many other subjects.

In all honesty, I got goosebumps while listening to this track during a few different portions. It’s just not a very common thing to see two living legends come together on a track and even when they do, sometimes the anticipation for the song can be so high that it leaves so much room for disappointment. Thankfully and unsurprisingly, these two emcees paired flawlessly on this track and offered up possibly two of the best verses of the year, in my opinion. Beyond this, in the outro, Kid Cudi mentions something about the trilogy continuing, so this might possibly be alluding to a long-awaited third edition to his Man on the Moon series, but this is just speculation on my behalf. Considering you’ve probably been seeing the buzz behind this song grow to insane levels since it dropped, it’s well worth a listen, so be sure to do so as soon as you possibly can.