My advice? Find some friends and peers with trustworthy ears to help fill in the gaps. My introduction into the artistry of Hadji Gaviota is a result of some pretty talented peers. With an arsenal of guitar-swooning production and dreamy vocals, Hadji caught my attention instantly with his new single, “tHAt SiNkiNg feeliNg…”

The newly released record begins with vinyl-like rumblings until ultimately springing forward into the midst of the lighthearted production and vocals. Hadji uses the delicate sensibilities of the record’s orchestration to reminisce on past feelings and the fleeting ideals of memories ultimately reminding us to “stop and smell the roses.” A brief moment of instrumentation opens the floor up for a storied verse from Ivy Sole. The gifted lyricist delves into her struggles, delving further into the melancholy nature of the single. The record comes to a cinematic close with a glittery guitar solo that pierces through your speakers alongside Hadji’s lofty vocal stylings, a truly bittersweet end.

This is Hadji Gaviota’s first release since sharing his electronically-infused single, “dRip OR dROwn” in early July. There is no denying Hadji’s continuously growing level of talent and explorative sensibilities. I for one am truly excited to see how his artistry will evolve and the music we see from him. Listen to Hadji Gaviota’s newest single, “tHAt SiNkiNg feeliNg…” below and stream it other places