Terry Crews – [Lo Village]

Lo Village returns with their newly released and incredibly timely single, “Terry Crews.” The recently shared single from the talented trio embodies a message of thoughtfulness and prioritization of human issues over trivial wants and desires, such as money and fame. The group’s decision to delve deeper into more political and social themes comes to no surprise as Lo Village has always sprinkled moments of introspection into their music. Produced by frequent collaborator Frankie Scoca, the Gaithersburg based collective each share introspective verses on the importance of staying down to earth while dodging the inevitable pull of celebrity. “Terry Crews” is the first single from the group’s forthcoming Lost In America EP and understandable deeper dive into content that tackles the shifting world around them. 

Cover Art: Daeun Suk

Listen to “Terry Crews” by Lo Village below.