Teenage Fever – [Kaash Paige]

One of the things about how the music industry is running now, is that it is always so unpredictable. We never really know what sound is coming next, what will be the next trend, and who will be the next tastemakers for the next handful.  Speaking on behalf of the current landscape of R&B artists, we currently have grown accustomed to the soothing and wavy style of R&B that has been created over the past few years or so. One of the silent assassins in contributing to this sound would be none other than the Dallas, Texas native Kaash Paige.

Since the beginning, there were a handful of things that drew my attention to Kaash Paige and her music. First and foremost, the level of authenticity in her craft has been admirable from the start. The way she carries herself and doesen’t have a care in the world for who has something to say about her as well. Last but not least, she makes amazing sounding music–very big emphasis on amazing. This past weekend, she is here to premiere her debut album Teenage Fever, and I am a firm believer in this being one of the best R&B projects to release this year.

Immediately upon pressing play, the production is what sets the tone for the album on the intro track “London”. It’s always important that you start your album off with a bang, hence this is the first thing people hear when they discover you project. That said, she does an amazing job with setting the vibe right and staying consistent the entire way thought this project. On “Grammy Week”, Kaash Paige recruits Don Toliver to exchange verses about the desire to become successful. Don Toliver is another artist that has been thriving tremendously the entire year, so it was by no surprise that he would show out here on this feature.  The standout track for me would be “Break Up Song”. Featuring the silent hitmaker K Camp, Kaash sings about letting her significant other know exactly what her true intentions are. “And you know I don’t care, am I ‘posed to? But you can get hurt if you want to” she sings–giving a refreshing perspective of what many would call toxic but honest. Normally the rappers are this blunt and direct, so to hear an R&B singer bring this to the forefront is a refreshing thing to hear.

Without a doubt, we would be imperceptive if we couldn’t notice the amount of pressure that the women have been having this year. From the massive amount of female rap taking off, to the R&B songstresses killing the game, it’s an amazing time to be a woman in the music industry right now, for they are finally getting the respect that they deserve. In every way possible, Teenage Fever delivers on all aspects, and this was an amazing introductory for the world to see more of what she is capable of.

Stream Kaash Paige’s new album Teenage Fever below!