Taxin / Topside Pictures – [WB Nutty]

Detroit has a surplus of intelligent artists who are paving the way and laying the blueprint for other artists in their city to succeed independently and the duo of Los & Nutty are perhaps the very most hard-working and consistent of the bunch. WB Nutty is back again in our pages with two new visuals over the past couple of weeks around the release of his new project Fuck What Ya Heard that released on Christmas. ShotByBolo brought the striking video to life capturing Nutty’s neighborhood in Detroit through a series of cinematic shots recording Nutty on the move in what is definitely one of my favorite Nutty videos yet, not to mention one of my favorite beats he has gotten on as 4ThousandWatts created an incredibly unique instrumental perfect for Nutty to skate over.  He also released a visual to “Topside Pictures” that I really enjoyed and he certainly always has a surplus of unique, striking characters to accompany him in his simplistic but memorable visuals. The production came from StopFlexingJrdn who has been a consistent force in the Michigan rap scene bringing the best out of many different artists. WB Nutty is an incredibly captivating individual and I cannot wait to hear what else he has for us in 2022.