TAPE TAPE – [Lupe Fiasco] x [Soundtrakk]

Chicago hip-hop legend Lupe Fiasco nets another appearance on Lyrical Lemonade with a brand new EP titled TAPE TAPE. The EP was released in a two-song bundle accompanied with two songs titled “Oh Yes” and “Apologetic.” Produced by super producer Soundtrakk, both tracks do not fit the lyrical mold that one expects from Fiasco. Incorporating a trap oriented sound, both singles are radio friendly with heavy mainstream appeal. If there are any similarities, TAPE TAPE is like Drogas Light mixed with LASERS, with an inebriated edge of carefree entertainment. However, strict Lupe fans needn’t worry, since the ‘dumbed down’ subject matter was fully intentional and truthfully crafted out of Fiasco’s personal enjoyment. Specifically, the project drew inspiration from both Travis Scott and Lil Uzi Vert, with Lupe tweeting that he “felt like picking up a new hobby and area of rap that [he] never really took serious.” TAPE TAPE joins the phenomenal projects in Drogas Wave & HOUSE since Lupe Fiasco became a fully independent artist, with all three releases beautifully capturing the creative freedom and direction that he’s deserved. Furthermore, more songs off TAPE TAPE may be on the way, with the aforementioned tweet stating that Lupe would be releasing trap music for the next couple of months. Regardless, it is awesome to see Lupe Fiasco fully invested in his craft while casually experimenting (or sketching) with different approaches. As for Soundtrakk, his excellence is nothing new, as the producer once more reminds us that he is the other essential part of their dynamic duo. Stream TAPE TAPE below!