Talk2Me – [Funeral]

A common trait amongst nearly every member of this ever-rising next generation of pop music is their willingness to put their own spin and expand upon quite a wide variety of previous pop stylistics. This notion not only proves that these acts are not only learned students of the game, but ones who also know what their defining sound is and are convincingly ready and willing to apply this status to any venture they take on.

Funeral is certainly an act who can say he does this on more than a routine occasion; it’s practically the name of his very own game at this point. His most recent string of singles has showcased a wide variety of sounds in styles — all differentiating themselves from each other song by song. They have all tackled different angles of this endless pop world that he finds himself either paying homage to, or conclusively defining all the same.

His latest in this string is entitled “Talk2Me” — and it’s yet another divergent foray into that aforementioned world as it stands. This track is far more energetic and grooving than his most recent offerings, as it takes after a more alternative-based style in regards to pop rather than his more laid back or even simply slower ones in the past. 

But Funeral takes this approach and absolutely runs with it — both literally and figuratively it seems. Building off of a gripping and ever-lasting guitar riff, the song has this bustling rhythm that is as fast paced as it is tellingly revealing in its emotional tone. It’s the perfect instrumental to complete the dive that he was ready to take into this style; nothing could have served it better.

The track is all-but-cemented after considering Funeral’s absolutely incredible performance on the mic here, with his consistently resounding and signature vocal demeanor yet again shining through in a brand new place and sonic avenue. Banking off of lyrics that fit this manic atmosphere that both his voice and the aforementioned beat dictate on their own, the end result is an appealing, addictive, and adequate addition into a catalog that has seen plenty of new additions as of late, yet nothing even close to boring and/or stagnant in the process.