Takeaway – [Roxas]

As this upcoming wave of prolific, creative, and simply one-in-a-lifetime crop of pop acts grows larger and larger by each day’s end, it can become extremely difficult to truly stand out as a singular entity. Some artists subvert this fact by joining collectives that may feature higher-profile acts, but it still remains almost as challenging to make yourself known on a solo level nonetheless.


With that being said, it is that much more remarkable when an artist bursts onto the scene with enough force to not only make themselves known as a mainstay in the scene already, but one that is can realistically be placed among the best that their original launching pad – their own collective – has to offer all the same.


Not a single individual has been able to accomplish this rare feat in recent times as vividly and almost so effortlessly as Roxas has. Though their collective Graveem1nd has arguably one of the most full and talented rosters that the underground has to offer, Roxas has put together a string of singles as of late that has placed them among even the best that this collective has in store, which is truly saying a lot knowing how outstanding each and every artist on that very roster is. 


That aforementioned streak of singles has just seen its latest addition in “Takeaway” — yet another defining moment for Roxas as they continue their rise to prominence. This song features their signature laid back yet pronounced delivery throughout its entirety, only stopping for a moment to let the always-incredible Blackwinterwells to take a verse of their own to practically complete the song even at this midpoint moment.


Roxas truly steals the show here however, as that previously mentioned delivery does wonders in encapsulating all this song has to offer, especially in the way that it submerges itself within the atmospheric and piano-tinged instrumental. Though their songs all have these traits in common, Roxas has done enough to differentiate themselves on each offering in a way that proves their dynamic weight as a musician all the same, and one that will be around for not just the foreseeable future, but beyond what we can even predict as it currently stands.