Take Care – [Lil Gotit] ft. [Toosii] & [Millie Go Lightly]

I think it has barely been a week since I last covered a new Lil Gotit song, but that was the first track that he has released in quite some time. With that being said, I think it’s officially safe to say that Gotit season is back in full force, and that’s something that everyone should be beyond excited about, especially with such a solid foundation built beneath his already impressive steps in the right direction.

Last year, we found out exactly why he was the “Top Chef”, cooking up insane records that seemed to only get better by the day, but this year, with a project entitled The Cheater releasing at some point this spring, I think we’re in for an entirely new side of the talented Atlanta phenom.

Alongside the announcement of this forthcoming tape is a song called “Take Care” featuring Toosii and Millie Go Lightly, as well as a BeDifferent Media-directed music video that is as clean as can be in the song, though, we are heaved into a world of lighthearted melodies, careful percussion, and always pungent drums that is only elevated by the effervescent vocals of Millie as the song progresses.

Gotit shows off a slightly different side of his skill set in this one, using a similar flow and sound but in a much more expressive, caring manner that seems to show a new aptitude that he has had hidden away in his arsenal for way too long. Toosii is also the perfect guest to join him because his equally expressive autotuned notes just glide right along with the production and Millie’s vocals, making “Take Care” a perfect song to lead us into some warmer weather and more upbeat vibes.