Synthetic Soul – [Chiiild]

Chiiild made their Lyrical Lemonade back in August with a powerful track in “Don’t Count Me Out,” a song left quite the impression me. With an engaging sound and ton of potential, I’ve been looking forward to more. Now, “more” comes in the form of their first project, Synthetic Soul.

Building on “Don’t Count Me Out,” the 7 track offering carries similar energy as their debut track; they really succeed in blending experimentation with emotion. The lyrics mixed with the soft crooning give off a personal, authentic feel that really anchors their sound. With the emotion grounding them, the instrumentals are where the group’s experimentation really takes flight. The swirling, hazy, and lush backdrops allow you to “explore” and get lost in their atmosphere while never losing that personal feel.

Standout Tracks: “Don’t Count Me Out,” “Pirouette,” & “Sunday Morning”